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Re: [LUG] New tablet computer


On 01/01/14 12:42, Neil Winchurst wrote:
I hope this is not too off topic. My wife's laptop is on the way out so I have been looking around for a replacement. I expected her to be happy with a 'normal' sized machine (15.6" or even 17" with Linux installed by me) but, over Christmas, we have visited both our son and his family and the wife's sister.

Now they all do a lot of computing using a tablet. They do not use either a 'normal' laptop or a desktop. So my wife is now considering a tablet instead of a laptop. And the one she likes the look of so far is an Ipad!!! (I blame her sister.) Well, I would not be able to help her much with one of those. Alternative is a Samsung, it seems.

So if anyone on the list could give me some suggestions I would be very grateful. My wife uses her computer just for emails and browsing, including FB. She would also like to have a camera included in the spec. No gaming required.

Help needed, please

Hi Neil,

The Gadget Show recently reviewed tablets and (of the ones they looked at) the Nexus 7 came out on top. Interesting point as far as your wife's preference is concerned, they opted for the Nexus over the iPad. The review should be available on their website on www.channel5.com

If she wants a larger tablet then I'm sure others can recommend them. One thign I /do/ recommend is to look on Ebay. Last year there were lots of brand new unwanted tablets being sold simply because 'It's not an iPad' which is a ridiculous reason IMHO, but I benefited from it with a brand new Acer Iconia A500 :)

Kind regards,


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