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Re: [LUG] Any Nexus users there?


On 27/11/13 10:42, Steven Côté wrote:
>Coincidentally a friend told me yesterday that the battery charging is
>software driven on a Nexus so if it goes flat it's bricked.  He only
>mentioned the Nexus 7 though so I don't know about previous models.

That's not total nonsense. There was a bug in the last version of the Nexus 7 (I'm assuming they've fixed it in the latest version, but I'm not 100% certain about that) that if the battery went completely flat, it wouldn't turn on once charged. The trick is that you have to do a hard reset (hold the power button for x seconds) after charging it.

So it's not actually bricked, but to the casual user it might appear to be so.

No idea if this problem affects the other Nexus models.

Thanks Steven, I'll pass that on!

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