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Re: [LUG] Pi mystery


On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Philip Hudson wrote:

On 26 November 2013 09:32, Rob Beard <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Wait, are you telling me RiscOS is available for the Pi?

Of course... ARM!


Really wow?

I mean, sure, I know riscos is available - it was available about a week after the Pi was released, but really? You want to use an operating system that was outdated 20 years ago today?

I liked riscos - 20 years ago, but Linux just blew it out of the water. Even the first release of Linux was better than the last release of riscos.

And yet people still cling on to it for dear life. Dozens of them. There is a group that meets monthly in Yeovil which is why there may have been a couple at the Exeter meet. The rest of the country?

Oh well. Good luck with it!


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