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Re: [LUG] Pi mystery


On 25/11/2013 20:15, Philip Hudson wrote:

So, I conclude, that the explanation is one of the following:

1. Our board likes using analog composite video out, which is what we
have here, a bit more (but not enough to be deterministic even here)
than digital HDMI-to-DVI-D which is what we had in Exeter; or

2. Our board likes the power supply in our house better than it likes
the power supply in Exeter Library; or

3. Our board doesn't like being too close to sea level; or

4. Our board likes the east Somerset bit of the earth's magnetic field
and doesn't like the Exeter bit; or

5. Our board, with no sensors attached, likes the angle of incidence of
sunlight here and doesn't like it further south and west; or

6. Cosmic rays mumble mumble; or

7. Kinda y'know quantum <waves hands>.

Or 8. electromagnetic radiation from satellite debris? :-)

Sounds a bit odd, have you tried any other images? Even something like RiscOS or maybe Raspbmc?


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