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Re: [LUG] Simple programming language


On Sun, 17 Nov 2013, Mark Evans wrote:

On 16/11/13 20:24, Paul Sutton wrote:

I was going to suggest Gordons Return to basic,  but that is Linux
only,  so unless you are going to be able to convince the school to
either upgrade or buy raspberry pis.

Gordan's RTB appears to work on a remote X server. Including the
portable edition of MobaXterm.
Though graphics performance is much slower. Especially when rtb is
running on a pi. (They'd only need one...)

If using ssh -X then the issue with the Pi is the encryption speed - or lack of it. RTB uses the SDL library and remote X with that essentially copies the entire buffer over for every update )-:

Using vnc is a bit better as there is no encryption involved (that I'm aware of).


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