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Re: [LUG] Holsworthy meeting - cancelled


On 15/11/13 14:45, Tremayne, Steve wrote:
Neil (@ others).

How about holding the meeting at a different time / day instead - perhaps the lack 
of attendance is due to the current time slot? I know I've still not made it to a 
meet yet and I only live 20 mins away!

I have a lot of chores to do on the weekend - especially if I've been working away 
during the week :o)

Yep - I guess it raises the age old question of when / where... and not having lived 
in the Holsworthy area for long, I can't suggest anything really...

Just a suggestion?

When we started meetings here in Holsworthy the general consensus was for a weekend slot. This was to cater for people who are at work during the week. One advantage was that the car park is free after noon on a Saturday.

We chose the third Saturday of the month to avoid any clashes with other meetings, some of which are also on Saturdays but not the third one.

However it is not set in stone. If another time suits more people then that would be fine by me.


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