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Re: [LUG] Fwd: FTTC - follow up


On 15/11/13 13:07, Neil Winchurst wrote:

My recent thread about Fibre To The Cabinet coming to Holsworthy has
been very helpful, so thanks to all who replied. I have also searched
the internet and spoken to my ISP, and other ISP's about all this.

This follow up may be interesting/helpful to others on the list.

I have noticed a new, larger cabinet appear nearby recently. Then last
Tuesday I was at a meeting where we had a short talk from a BT rep and a
Torridge counsellor about "Connecting Devon and Somerset". The schedule
at the moment seems to be -

Holsworthy available from December 2013
Bradworthy and Hatherleigh available from March 2014
Beaworthy available from June 2014

Since my house is about 400 metres from the new cabinet I decided to
find out more about it all. Hence my recent questions for the list. Here
is what I have discovered from all this. (If I am wrong in any of the
following please tell me.)

I live in a fairly new house, 2002, in a small estate. The master socket
for the phone is just inside the front door. There are also extension
sockets in the lounge and upstairs in the master bedroom and one of the
smaller bedrooms. That last was an extra I arranged while the house was
being built. Others on the estate seem to have a master socket by the
front door, one in the lounge and one in the master bedroom. My brother
lived at one time in a new house off North Road where the old school
once stood. He also had the master socket by the front door plus two

Why all this going on about the master socket? Well, since I have lived
here I have always had my desktop computer in the smaller bedroom and
used the extension socket. This has worked really well. Now I find that,
for FTTC, I *must* use the master socket, which is in the entrance hall.

This seems to be the scenario if I decide to go for fibre. An Openreach
engineer will come to install a 'Service Specific Front Plate' to the
master socket. He will also provide a modem (please note, not a router)
which will need to be connected to my router. I have found out that my
current router will not work so I will have to buy a new one. (It may be
that the engineer will also provide a suitable router.)

Now my problem is that I want my router to be upstairs, not by the front
door. So I will need to find some way to get a cable from the hall up to
the bedroom upstairs. My feeling at the moment is that I can't be
bothered with the hassle and the cost. I already get about 12 Mb/s at
the moment, and that should be fine.

So as and when people on the list find that fibre is now available to
them it would be a good idea to check the whereabouts of their master
socket. It could be, as I have found, not in the best position for them.

Sorry this is so long. I hope some of this will be useful,

Hi Neil,

A couple of thoughts I've just had [1];

a) Have you considered a HomePlug solution or similar? ie modem downstairs with network cable to a nearby power socket, and the router upstairs also connected to HomePlug? That would dodge the bullet of additional wiring and/or drilling in the house.

b) Is the bedroom with the router at the front or back of the house? If the front, it could be a relatively simple matter of drilling straight up from the hallway and running the cable straight up there.[1]


[1] I /think/ that was my second point, I forgot the second by the time I typed the first.. doh! Any bets I'll remember if that was right just after clicking Send? :)

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