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Re: [LUG] Holsworthy meeting - cancelled


On 07/11/13 19:42, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> I have just realised that the next meeting for the Holsworthy group is
> due on 16th November. This is the day of the Holsworthy carnival. Not
> good. Roads are closed, most of the car park is used up by the Fair
> and there are various processions during the day.
> For these reasons, last year the November meeting was cancelled and I
> think it would be sensible to do the same this year.
> So, the next meeting for the Holsworthy group will be the December
> one, on the 21st. Is that too near to Christmas?
> Neil

Ok no probs

1. Have removed from lug site meeting list
2. have added 21st december as To be confirmed,
3. Have added the above notices to the lug blog and will also post to
twitter,  if people can post to facebook etc, it would be really helpful






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