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Re: [LUG] Fibre broadband


On 13/11/2013 17:24, Tremayne, Steve wrote:

Man, I live a few miles down the road from Holsworthy and literally a few hundred 
yards from the local (remote?) exchange and there's no sign of fibre out here... boo 

Yup, I feel your pain. The exchange I'm on in Torquay is one of those which is 'under consideration'. I'm round the corner from the exchange. IIRC the other exchanges apart from Cockington have been enabled for FTTC.

However, doesn't always mean the cabinet gets enabled.

At work only one of the sites (in Newton Abbot town centre) is on an enabled cabinet. Our other Newton Abbot sites are not enabled (one was due in September but it's been put back to March 2014, the other is on the Shaldon exchange so it's going to be a while until that gets FTTC if ever) and our visitors centre in Totnes is out in the sticks so also not enabled (despite Totnes exchange supposedly being enabled).

Wouldn't be so bad but due to the long line lengths that the sites are on (apart from the FTTC enabled site) the speeds are pretty low :-(

My parents are in a similar boat too in Teignmouth... my dad is so close to the exchange (it's literally at the end of his road) he is on an exchange only line and my mum is in the town centre but again on a cabinet which isn't going to be enabled until March 2014. Saying that, they're happy with the 17Mbit or so speeds they get...

My draytek router is currently connecting as (or so it reports) PPPoE anyway, so I'm 
guessing that I won't need a new router - mind you, I was thinking of changing to a 
pfSense box with an ADSL modem (DrayTek Vigor 120)...

The one we use for FTTC is a Draytek Vigor 2830 with Wireless. It's attached to the WAN port for FTTC, it will load balance with ADSL as well, but we found it wasn't very reliable even after a firmware update. Works okay as just an FTTC router though (we use a Linux box to load balance the FTTC and ADSL2 connections which works okay).

The damn phone wire comes through the &*(£$ window frame, so if someone's coming out 
to fit a new socket, whether I like it or not, then I may as well get that cable moved in 

Ahh if the wires go into the BT master socket then you're not supposed to touch them as they're property of BT. Saying that maybe if you're prepared to take the risk then maybe you might be able to move it yourself, but if I understand correctly if you break it then they'd charge you to fix it. Possibly just better to speak nicely to an Openreach engineer :-)


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