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Re: [LUG] Mint 15: Automount DVD post re-install of Mint


On Sun, 2013-11-03 at 18:50 +0000, Julian Hall wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Thanks for that, yes I do have Disks, and I had looked at it when Mint 
> was installed before but the DVD wasn't showing for some reason.  It is 
> /now/ but that's because I currently have a disk in that it deigned to 
> recognise and play.
> Initially it was set to Auto Mount ON - which is curious as the whole 
> problem is that it wasn't auto mounting - so I did the following:
> clicked Auto Mount off
> checked Mount At Startup
> changed Identify As to /dev/sr0 - this is what all the forums I've 
> looked at seem to think it should be
> However, OK is disabled unless I leave Auto Mount OFF so I can't save 
> any settings I change?
> When I left Auto Mount OFF  and tried to save it - I didn't go through 
> with it - it asked for my root password to update the fstab.  Could I 
> save the changes with the auto mount off and then edit the fstab to turn 
> it back on?
I would probably do it the other way round 
Leave it out of the fstab (comment it out) 
and use Disks to mount I imagine its one or the other..
not both.




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