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Re: [LUG] Mint 15: Automount DVD post re-install of Mint


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for that, yes I do have Disks, and I had looked at it when Mint was installed before but the DVD wasn't showing for some reason. It is /now/ but that's because I currently have a disk in that it deigned to recognise and play.

Initially it was set to Auto Mount ON - which is curious as the whole problem is that it wasn't auto mounting - so I did the following:

clicked Auto Mount off
checked Mount At Startup
changed Identify As to /dev/sr0 - this is what all the forums I've looked at seem to think it should be

However, OK is disabled unless I leave Auto Mount OFF so I can't save any settings I change?

When I left Auto Mount OFF and tried to save it - I didn't go through with it - it asked for my root password to update the fstab. Could I save the changes with the auto mount off and then edit the fstab to turn it back on?

Kind regards,


On 03/11/13 17:23, Kevin Lucas wrote:
Do you have installed a prog called "Disks" ?

if not install it

open it up and find the entry for your DVD drive

In the Volumes bit Right Hand side

two little cogs  click Edit Mount Optons

click and
Auto mount "ON"

but all the settings are greyed out....

click Auto mount off ..

Change the settings (mine is DEV disk by id ) But Mint may need
something else....

Try the lot!!

just click Auto mount ON when finished..

Tell us what worked.

It has mounted /dev/sr0 to /media/julian/MIAMI_VICE_SEASON3_DISC06 as
it's supposed to, however I still do not understand why it won't do it


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