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Re: [LUG] Rsync External USB Drive


On 16/12/10 12:29, Robin Cornelius wrote:
On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Gibbs<linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
On 16/12/10 12:13, Robin Cornelius wrote:
Somthing that might aid here.. i have a 128x64 LCD screen on the front
of my server so i can display info/prompt messages if required
I've been looking for something similar for ages online! Any good websites
or search terms for something similar?
http://lcdproc.omnipotent.net/ provides the software (and that seems
to be in many distros now anyway) and it did have links to harware
suppliers for either read to go solutions or raw bits. I made mine
from a LCD panel we use here and just hooked it to the parallel port
with some approprate resistors and cut a hole in 2x CD drive bay
covers and mounted the LCD in in there.


A cheaper and more 'flexible' way would be to have the script e-mail you, or possibly write to a log that's displayed on a web page on the server so you can check the status from 'next door' without getting up! Things like that may take a little setting up the first time (web log viewer, mail updates etc) but by god they're useful once you put them to use...
Set up mail and fstab script ala Martins with mail addition.
pop usb into server, go back to desk and sit looking very busy, 'you have mail'.. sorted. Going on holiday set up mail redirect rule for idiot in office whos job it is to missplace the usb. On your return you will have a full log of success/failure.
Tom te tom te tom

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