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Re: [LUG] [Bulk] firefox update and foxed - and foxed again!


On 11/12/10 12:38, James Fidell wrote:
On 11/12/10 08:45, tom wrote:
On 10/12/10 22:06, george parker wrote:

I've just moved my main computer from Mepis to Linux Mint 10 and I'm
finding firefox (3.6.13) in that decidedly flakey. Including complete
lock-ups of the system where the reset button seems to be the only way
out. I've ditched a thing called firefox-branding which seems to have
improved the situation but I'm not out of the woods yet.


Thats the same version as mine - its failing badly on two machines so I
think maybe they forgot to test it!

I'm running 3.6.13 on Ubuntu 10.04 without any problems at all.


My crashes (I think) seem mainly due to Adobe content, or perhaps I should say flash and pdf are guaranteed to take it down but other things do too.
Tom te tom te tom

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