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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On 28/07/10 19:41, Mark Evans wrote:
On 28/07/10 18:15, Gordon Henderson wrote:

OK. The trouble is that you're with a crap provider. (or you were) Demon
is just a name - it's a trading name for Cable & Wireless who bought
Thus who bought Demon some years ago. Do some googling, you'll find that
their service isn't what it once was.

When this happens you can end up with the situation of old and new
customers effectivly having different providers. With old customers
not all being migrated at once, possibly not ever...

I wonder what happened to the Pipex folk.... first on Pipex, then Tiscali took over, then Talktalk have bought Tiscali.


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