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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On Wed, 28 Jul 2010, John Williams wrote:

On Wed, 2010-07-28 at 10:02 +0100, Gordon Henderson wrote:

People in-general seem to want everything yet aren't willing to pay for
it. That's not my problem it's theirs.

10 minutes of googling and asking about will give you the information you
need to know regarding picking an ISP or phone company.

And it always boild down to the old addage:

   Cheap, Fast, Reliable.

Pick two. Because that's all you'll ever get.

Most sheeple pick cheap and get one of the others. I chose fast and
reliable, but am prepared to pay for it. I didn't have any slow downloads
during the world cup or wimbledon. My broadband doesn't slow down at 6pm,
it just keeps on going, but I pay 30 quid a month for that. (plus 12 to

That seems to be the brush I was tarred with in previous replies from
you, despite the fact I was paying far more than an average cost on a
heavy business package.

OK. The trouble is that you're with a crap provider. (or you were) Demon is just a name - it's a trading name for Cable & Wireless who bought Thus who bought Demon some years ago. Do some googling, you'll find that their service isn't what it once was.

I have tried to provide alternatives for you.

With broadband it is not a choice of three though as you describe, it is
in fact:
cheap, fast, reliable, size/capacity/quota (however you want to describe

Well, maybe service quality can be in there somewhere. It is a generic term which you can apply to all sorts of things.

The amount of data you need to transfer is as important as the other
three, for me its a lot and I expect it to exclude cheap. To be honest,
usually the reliable you chose would exclude cheap as well.

Well, I've now binned Demon which is a shame after 7years and I am
signed up with Eclipse in Exeter on their Business Gold package, who
seem to offer one of those "impossible" no limit packages with no
traffic shaping.

Only you've been conned by the name again. Eclipse is wholly owned by Kingston Communications, Hull. They were bought out a couple of years ago. They may still have an office in Exeter, but they're just a name for KCOM.

It will be 6 days or so until switch over and despite
the extra cost they seem very good after chatting for quite a while on
the phone, the level of bandwidth I use was discussed and the guy was I
think surprised that I was worried about it for a mere 100-150GB.
Certainly I spoke to another customer off list and he is using
considerably more and had no issues at all.

Good luck.

Sure I would have preferred not to pay any extra, but there you go.
Demon actually annoyed me a little by offering to reduce the monthly
cost by around a tenner to retain me. money wasn't the issue and I made
that fairly clear, they were unable to remove the bw cap though so I

You don't appear to be the only one according to the forums and othe lists...

As for the dream of spending 10 minutes looking for a new ISP; that
might work if you are in the industry in some way or spend a chunk of
your time researching packages on a regular basis. There is no way in
hell you can do it in less than a few hours though with any degree of
competence, and preferably by asking around as well.

I did give you some suggestions, but if you don't care enough to do just a tiny little bit of research for yourself, then what do I care.

Good luck with Kingston.


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