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Re: [LUG] Possible solution for faster broadband to rural areas


On 28/07/10 15:39, James Fidell wrote:
On 28/07/10 13:54, Rob Beard wrote:

Yeah I guess some rural properties might still be a couple of miles away
from a cabinet. I'd be interested to know if they'll run fibre to say a
village centre and then unbundle a cabinet (bit like what they're doing
in Saltash) and maybe supply wireless to maybe the odd few properties
who are a bit too far away.

Where I live there are probably hundreds of properties that are two or
three miles from the nearest cabinet (where "cabinet" might actually be
the exchange). The ground is far too undulating for point-to-point wifi
connections to be that great, either. Some places will just be absolute
pigs to get decent bandwidth to. Perhaps they'll just have to run fibre
to every house :)


Maybe, I guess 2 to 3 miles you're still going to get slower speeds.

The other option Virgin were looking at was putting their own poles up, I presume putting a pole in, or re-using an existing telegraph pole is going to be cheaper than digging to lay cables.


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