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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On Wed, 28 Jul 2010, John Williams wrote:

I have no idea what got the bee in your bonnet, if I did or said
something to upset you then that wasn't the intention.

I'm not upset. Really. Right now, I have bigger things to worry about than being upset over someones broadband selection.

I thought I was giving you some advice and opinions based on my own experiences of how broadband works and what's available.

The only thing with regard to this that does upset me is people being told they can only have BT, when there is a wealth of choice - some good, some not so good. The other thing that's come up in this thread has been yearly (or more) contracts, which are just not needed.

We appear to have different requirements from ISP's and I haven't tried
to rip into you about your choice. You clearly have great service from
who ever you are with

I've mentioned it several times - I'm with Entanet and I think their services are good enough for me to resell their services to my customers.

and downloading large files is not a priority for
you, well done you.

Having an Internet service that's reasonably fast (I get 8Mb) and very reliable is important to me. As for downloading big files - I never said I don't do it - my typical use is in the region of 15-20GB a month - at peak times. Off-peak, I do backups from various customer sites and my own hosted servers. (And I've just purchased 2 x 2TB drives to assist with this) I did try to tell you about off-peak vs. peak times in one email... Off-peak with Entanet is... Well, I'll use their own words:

We would like to remind all Entanet partners of our use of terminology when referring to the characteristics of our broadband packages. For the period of 20:00 - 08:00 Monday- Friday on our Business products and 00:00 - 08:00 Monday- Friday on our Family products, usage is NOT described as `unlimited'. This is because usage within this period is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy and also our traffic management policy. Rather, Entanet refers to usage within this period as `uncharged'. It is also important to convey to customers that, where a connection is rate limited due to the product's inclusive bandwidth allowance being consumed, the connection will remain rate limited at all times for a further 1GB of usage at which point it will become blocked until either the start of the customer's next billing period or bandwidth top-up is purchased.

My needs are different and I am (still) paying over
the odds for that, what the hell is the problem if an ISP offers that
service and I am paying nearly £60 for it, do you need to get uppity ?

I don't think I was getting "uppity", however I am glad that you've chosen a business product that suits your needs and not tried to leech every byte you can out of a residential product like most others do.

If you could limit your downloads to overnight, then there are many packages that would suit you, and 150MB is not a limit by any stretch.

I don't intend reply further before this degenerates any more.

That's fine by me.

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