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Re: [LUG] external hard disk recommendations


On 28/07/10 16:38, Paul Sutton wrote:
On 28/07/10 13:54, Paul Sutton wrote:

Anyone got any recommendations regarding usb external hard disks,  size
about 500 to 1 tb would work fine for me,  as a back up tool

I take it most of these devices should just work with Linux,  i see on
boxes it says designed for PC / MAC.

Just wondered what experiences people and if any should be avoided due
to being poor quality build.


Thanks for the recommendations looks like i may go with a western
digital one, they have them in PC world / Currys in Torquay.

I am looking at building a new computer anyway based on low powered dual
atom system,


is a bare bones system, to which i need to add hard disk, ram and a
optical device (dvd rw).

By the looks of the spec it comes with a DVD-RW drive. Not a bad price, I've seen cheaper but they don't tend to come with an optical drive, or the case is too small for an optical drive (meaning you'd need an external USB drive).

You will need to add a 2.5" laptop size hard drive, I'd suggest getting one from somewhere like eBuyer.com, you can pick them up from about £30 (for a 120GB 5400 RPM drive). Personally I've got a 320GB 2.5" SATA drive in my laptop, cost me about £45 and being 7200RPM it's as quick as a desktop drive.

By the way, is there any specific reason why you're going for something so small?

If size isn't an issue you can pickup a barebones Atom system for about £70 ish in a Midi Tower case which would take a standard 3.5" hard drive and 5.25" DVDRW drive.

oddly its the same clock speed as my current duron 1600 which is at
least 6 years old if not older,  I guess as this is dual core, its faster,

From what I've read the performance is similar to a dual processor Pentium 4 1.6GHz. I guess depending on what applications you run it might be faster than your Duron. The advantage of the Atom is that it'll be lower power saving you money on your electricity bill.


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