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Re: [LUG] Article from the FT on how to save money


On 21/07/10 22:38, Gordon Henderson wrote:
On Wed, 21 Jul 2010, alexfido@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

OT i think,sorry for voicing my opinion on this,but this guy has
relied on you to keep his servers up and running and has paid no
regard to the fact that you do this for a living,ie late payment. but
is still reliant on you supplying voip,and has not seeked your obvious
expertise or opinion,i personally would drop him like a sack of spuds
off a cliff. sorry if i have offended anyone but people like that make
my blood boil.

I'm not losing sleep over it. Bit of a relief in some ways.

I'll tell anyone who's intersted the full story over a coffee at a LUG
meet if interested.


Yeah can do, I think you mentioned this guy to me before, didn't you say he wasn't so Open Source friendly anyway?


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