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Re: [LUG] OT but one reson to convert to linux


On 19/07/10 18:58, kevin wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-07-19 at 18:28 +0100, Simon Robert wrote:
>> On 14/07/10 16:33, kevin wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 16:12 +0100, Rob Beard wrote:
>>>> On 14/07/10 15:06, kevin wrote:
>>>>> Has any one had dealings with Team View 5?
>>>>> <Snip>   from a Windows user
>>>>>    Do you know anything about an outfit called TEAM VIEW? Every time my
>>>>> machine crashes I am invited to tick a few boxes on a pop-up. Sometimes
>>>>> I tick the boxes, sometimes I don't. I thought that responses went to
>>>>> MicroSoft who sat on them.  We receive telephone calls quite often, I am
>>>>> sure that they are from India, offering to put things right. i now think
>>>>> that these calls come a day or two after I have click the report button.
>>>>> This afternoon I asked them a few questions. They are called Team View 5
>>>>> and they seemed to be leading me towards getting software from them.When
>>>>> I was asked to click on RUN on a download box I felt it unsafe to
>>>>> proceed further and backed out. Are they genuine or are they selling
>>>>> anti virus software? How do they get these reports?<snip/>
>>>>> The machine crashes often and they have just extorted Â50 from this user
>>>>> and was remotely vnc'd and was asked for the Admin password
>>>>> The user got scared and refused.
>>>>> The obviously have installed a vnc client on the machine, and are
>>>>> looking for Â50 to remove some ".inf" files
>>>>> My advice was load Linux and tell them to pi$$ off
>>>>> any comments also appreciated.
>>>> Sounds like they have been subject to some sort of scam.  I've heard of
>>>> things like "XP Anti-Virus" which was a popup which came up on a site
>>>> saying that the user had a virus and was advised to install "XP
>>>> Anti-Virus", and then the user is conned out of money to remove it.

is that the site that comes up with a nice java explorer window scanning
c: etc for viruses,  even on Linux,

that looks really funny on Linux,  a decent programmer woudl at least
write code to detect the os and display a window that looks like what
the user is looking at in terms of user interface.

>>>> Doing a Google search for TeamViewer seems to suggest that it's a
>>>> product along the lines of LogMeIn (a remote support application).  I'm
>>>> not sure if they are a legit company or what (looking at their site it
>>>> seems they're based in Germany).  It's possible that some scammers are
>>>> using this software for remote support, or maybe he signed up for
>>>> something without realising.
>>>> Not sure if he can claim his Â50 back from the bank.
>>>> I do wonder if installing Linux would be the solution?
>>>> Seems to me like a bit of user training is required explaining to them
>>>> to not install anything and everything they see (I've often come across
>>>> these MyWebSearch toolbars and the like which folks have installed
>>>> willy-nilly).

I agree,  there is no point in installing linux for someone if they then
download stuff willy nilly and runas root,or in some cases themselves,
we need to educate on common sense and safe usage.


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