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[LUG] OT but one reson to convert to linux


Has any one had dealings with Team View 5?

<Snip> from a Windows user

 Do you know anything about an outfit called TEAM VIEW? Every time my
machine crashes I am invited to tick a few boxes on a pop-up. Sometimes
I tick the boxes, sometimes I don't. I thought that responses went to
MicroSoft who sat on them.  We receive telephone calls quite often, I am
sure that they are from India, offering to put things right. i now think
that these calls come a day or two after I have click the report button.
This afternoon I asked them a few questions. They are called Team View 5
and they seemed to be leading me towards getting software from them.When
I was asked to click on RUN on a download box I felt it unsafe to
proceed further and backed out. Are they genuine or are they selling
anti virus software? How do they get these reports? <snip/>   

The machine crashes often and they have just extorted Â50 from this user
and was remotely vnc'd and was asked for the Admin password 
The user got scared and refused.

The obviously have installed a vnc client on the machine, and are
looking for Â50 to remove some ".inf" files 

My advice was load Linux and tell them to pi$$ off 

any comments also appreciated.


Kevin Lucas
Minions Post Master(Sub) 
Ten Years in the Making!
Po House, Minions,
Liskeard Cornwall 
PL14 5LE

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