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Re: [LUG] Sharing calendars: outlook


On 18/07/10 22:02, Henry Bremridge wrote:
On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 08:40:19PM +0100, Grant Sewell wrote:

Might help us if we knew what the overall objective is.  Google may not
be the right answer.


-   Outlook apparently has a calendar "type" feature eg Home, Job1, Job2
     etc.  In which each calendar can apparently be managed separately.

-   In this case, my sister and I are managing my mother so that if my
     mother rings one of us; we know what should be happening.(Thankfully I
     pushed for a lasting power of attorney which makes life MUCH easier).
     Anyway my sister has an outlook sub-calendar called "mother".

-   I use remind, in which all calendar entries can be a series of simple
     text files. I can import/export google calendar entries, ditto ical. I
     can also print particular text files out to html or pdf. However I do
     not know how to manage outlook.

     Evolution will not work: again that is the same as remind: either
     google or ical. (Or Exchange)

So problem: how can I read her outlook data without her printing it out and
posting it to me.

Does anyone know the file format for outlook .csv export from the calendar?.

If the computer is owned by the council, as in your sister hasn't got admin rights/permissions to install anything then you may find the only way around this is to maybe copy the calender to a PST file and find someone else with Outlook who can install the Google calendar plugin to sync the data. In the long run I'd suggest maybe not using Outlook and just using a Google Calendar instead, being web based it won't require any additional applications. You may find too that it can be synced with a mobile phone or something like that (for instance I have my mobile phone calendar on my mobile synced with my Google account so when I add a calendar entry on my phone it is backed up automatically and my wife can see what I'm doing on her Google calendar.

You could always also try this to get the data out of Outlook into something like Google (covers Outlook 2007)...



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