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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On 16/07/10 17:26, Grant Sewell wrote:

That is not always the case.  There are plenty of people around who
merely buy more licenses [for xyz software] because they believe it to
be necessary without necessarily actually checking.


That is true, one company I dealt with spend nearly £3500 on a retail boxed copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and installed it on a P3-800 with 256MB Ram, all it was doing was running an intranet page. It didn't go down too well when I explained to them that they'd been ripped off and would have been better moving the OS to a better spec server and virtualising a couple of their other boxes (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise license covers running up to 5 copies of Windows Server 2003 or lower on the one server in virtual machines amongst other features it includes over Windows Server 2003 Standard).


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