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Re: [LUG] how come the list is quiet this week


On Fri, 16 Jul 2010, Dave Foxcroft wrote:

On 16/07/2010 09:06, Gordon Henderson wrote:

They tell me 3CX needs an IIS server to work under too (for more than a trivial installation) - and when you put the licensing costs of that together with everything else, it costs more than one of my dedicated PBXs... But that's bizarely acceptable for some people...

IIS Server - Doesn't that come as part of the standard MS Server OS? - just a case of selecting/installing it - much like Apache is available to install in Linux distros.

I may well be wrong but I don't think there is any need for any extra licence to run IIS.

I really don't know - nor do I care. I just know that the person I was talking to (who installs Windows servers for a living) said it needed some additional licenses for a bigger system than the demo he was doing.


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