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Re: [LUG] debian code names


On 16/07/10 12:21, Simon Waters wrote:
Neil Williams wrote:

There's no procedure for choosing Debian codenames - there's nobody to
lobby. What essentially happens is that a lot of Debian Developers in
certain core teams get drunk at one or other DebConf conferences and
pick a name, test the waters with their fellow DD's after the hangover
and then announce it on the debian-devel-announce mailing list. The
only real rule is that the codename must be a single word, with no
hyphens, punctuation or spaces.

So basically lobby every DD who drinks?

Alternatively he could redub a Toy Story DVD so that all the characters
have the name he wants, and hope nobody noticed. "Buzz Sutton" and
"Sutton the cowboy", Potato Sutton" etc.

Debian Zurg - hmm

I'm wondering if they'll use Barbie (IIRC in Toy Story 2?) and now Ken (in Toy Story 3 along with Barbie)?

I suppose they might get away with using Ken (being a well used male name), but um... not so sure about Barbie, was it used before the plastic dolls came out?


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