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Re: [LUG] tomato/linksys router


On 08/07/10 14:24, Simon Robert wrote:
I am running a linksys router as a wireless client. It has been flashed
with a piece of software called tomato which means it can receive a wifi
signal and then output it via cable to my PC. This is the method that
gives me the best connection with the wifi box downstairs.

All has been working well for yonks until last Monday when we switched
ISP. I set the o2 box to be setup as close to the previous setup as I
could. Switched WPA passwords and while I couldn't seem to switch the IP
address from and the DNS range from 192.168.1..... I was
able to add as an alternate address and -
as an alternate DNS range. This seemed to work fine for everything on
the LAN including the linksys.

However the linksys appeared to suddenly stop working. No longer picking
up a lease from the first router. Thinking this was down to the IP
issues I replaced the o2 router with the previous one, substituting the
log in details for the new ones. It works fine, but still no joy with
the linksys router. The linksys is just not picking anything up from the
main router, for example it used to have a LAN ID of, while
having an address of and assiging the PC something in the
193.168.1.x range.

Any help would be very welcome.


Is the Linksys router connecting to the O2 router at all?

I've found that the big standard O2 ADSL router (rebadged Thompson Speedtouch) that they supply isn't very good, at least the wireless signal was really poor on the two I've played with.

Maybe you could start with plain wireless (no encryption) then if that works, try WEP, then if that works try WPA.


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