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Re: [LUG] Government IT policy


Henry Bremridge wrote:
> I am still surprised that when increasing numbers of organisations
> around the world use FLOSS,

One to mention might be:


> so few UK organisations do. For example
> while your MP says that the liberal party has a proud consideration for
> the productive use of modern IT: my liberal candidate uses proprietary
> software and shows no inclination to try FLOSS.

A prospective Liberal parliamentary candidate who gave me a lift the
other day has a website that charitably can be described as
"significantly worse than the default theme in many common opensource
CMS". I haven't had a chance to mention this to him yet.

What amazes me is the Liberals haven't centralized this, with something
like Drupal, or ideally one of the multisite CMS tools. Would seem
natural to me to try and centralise, so that you get a consistent look
and feel, and you can have your best IT people contribute to as many
sites as possible at once (if only by sharing a theme/skin).

> The major parties are
> all short of funds: I do not understand why they do not ask one of the
> major IT companies for assistance to upgrade to FLOSS.

I think it funny when there are literally social networking variants of
some of the big CMS specifically adapted for these sorts of purposes.

Although part of the problem is no doubt skills base.

Hence you all ought to be helping move the DCGLUG site to Drupal ;)

Asking "why not a major IT company" is naive, as they'd charge big IT
rates (£1000 a day), or want something in return. Ask a small to medium
IT company that does that sort of thing, ideally where the owner is
politically sympathetic so you get a good price and buy in. The big
company would probably outsource it to them anyway, pocketing the
difference in fees for "taking on the risk" (as if they would have a
plan B if it went wrong).

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