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Re: [LUG] OT: Power Unit & PC World


> Perhaps we could compile a list of recommended small shops that are good
> at offering this service,  i.e good advice,  good prices, etc,  and like
> the shop mentioned here are happy not to charge for windows.
> either list freely,  or to raise money for the lug,  charge something
> like £10,  to be listed,  we could even donate 1/4 of that to the free
> software foundation or gnu.org.
> This helps local business,  as long as when you go in you mention the
> lug site,  that way they know their £10 is generating custom or
> potential custom.
> The same would go for web services, hosting,  design,  moodle services,
> repairs, and anything else,   as lug members we look to each other for
> support here on the list,  but it would be nice if we knew which members
> own shops to whom we can goto for parts etc.
> Paul

Perhaps we should have a wiki for all this stuff?


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