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Re: [LUG] lug meeting in Paignton


On Thu, February 7, 2008 00:41, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> Following on from the FOSS in schools thread,  I am proposing we meet at
> the usual place (shoreline cafe), in Paignton to discuss the initial
> strategy.  as well as other stuff, we discuss at lug meets.  Mainly to
> discuss moodle, and how to promote it in schools.
> I just wondered if people are available on that date,  Friday 15th Feb
> 2006.  to meet up and chat,  and work out how we move forward,  There is
> a working moodle set up that has been created by Jaan, which I am having
> a look at right now.
> Please let me know so I can post an official notice, to say the meet is
> on.
> Paul

15th might not be so good for some people with partners as it's the Friday
after valentines...

I will do my best to attend on whatever date is decided, I will see if
this time I can actually get my bike there too..

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