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[LUG] SUSE and linux more generally (was: USB problems)


Strange... Oh yeah, let's not even talk about the crippling of the
multimedia features.

What multimedia features?  RedHat decided not to include libraries to play
MP3 files... does that constitute "crippling"?  Mandrake shipped with
kernels that didn't have "multi-lun support" in their kernels which made
it almost impossible to use those 8-in-1 card readers... is that
"crippling"?  It all depends on what your uses are and what you expect.

By crippling i mean, not just the not including the codecs and stuff, that
i'm happy to live with as i say, i mean not compiling up the KDE apps with
the actual compile flags to support these codecs if the user were to go
and get them from somewhere.

**NOTE** i'm not 100% sure this is all the way true since i managed to
just uninstall the SUSE rpm for kaffeine and install one from an
unofficial site which, along with a few other underlying libraries and
things renabled the support, but if you beleive what you read on the net,
plenty of individual's and review sites claim you need to recompile
kde-multimedia to get it going, i even read one that ventured you needed
to rebuild kde in it's entirety.

Clearly not the case, from my own experience (although my setup doesn't
work 100% correctly) but joe public will beleive what the review sites
tell them :)

Personally i'm more than capable of recompiling base libraries, kernels,
applications, even as was discussed on here recently, building a distro
from scratch, pretty much whatever needs doing, HOWEVER, i chose to pay my
£60 so i wouldn't need to. I prefer to spend my time being productive with
the software, rather than being productive getting the software there in
the first place - if you see what i mean.

Did you try running ClrMAMAPro under Wine?  You can't *expect* all Windows
applications to have Linux equivalents.

Agreed. It has a few linux equivalents but they were command line based
with a much steeper learning curve and in this instance i just wanted to
get a fairly quick task done. I did try my wine setup which works for IE
and a few other things but while clrmamepro runs and comes up, the second
you actually ask it to do anything other than just enter paths and things
(ie, you tell it to actually go to work) it just curls up and dies. As
mentioned, didn't desperately have time to question why.

Now if only VMWare wasn't another $189 on top of what SUSE cost me :)

There are other products.  WINE, CrossOver, WineX (now known as Cedega),
Win4Lin, Bochs, etc, etc.


Wine - see above.
Crossover office - didn't try. Is an evaluation copy available? I'll look.
WineX - isn't that now transgaming?
Bochs - tried, got nowhere. It did run msdos but CPU was 100% and it
crawled along.
Win4Lin - Hmm, looks to be a viable alternative? I'll give that one a go.
It seems to be considerably less compatible (ie, no MSDOS/NT/2000/XP), but
it's also WAY cheaper and this may not be too much of a problem, i'll see
what i can glean from any evaluation version that may or may not be

Obviously due to the "does it do what i need it to do?" question, all of
these need to offer an eval. copy or it's just not going to get off the
ground (for me).

Some valid alternatives to VMWare though, thanks!

That's a shame.  In those two evenings of "farting about" you will have
learnt one hell of a lot more about your system and Linux than you could
possibly have learnt in those 15 minutes of clicking yes to a bunch of
EULAs and selling your soul... :D

Not desperately so. Maybe i learnt more about how my system appears to be
broken or not function correctly but i certainly didn't learn anything
about linux that i didn't already know. Okay, that's not quite true, i
know that the USB ports in my monitor are better supported than the ones
in the shuttle. I didn't know that before :)

As i say, it all just comes down to priorities and there are without doubt
times when you desperately need to just get a job done and messing about
trying to get something to work for ages simply isn't a viable option.

I'm not about to suddenly jump ship or anything, but i think it was
probably worth airing my frustrations!

In fact, probably quite the opposite to jumping ship. I hope to be able to
come away from this with a good working windows system UNDER linux so i
can finally trash my XP partition. It really doesn't get used very often
anymore so it would be good if i could reclaim it completely.


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