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Re: [LUG] Whereis nfslock?


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Grant Sewell wrote:

the nfslock daemon (/etc/rc.d/init.d/nfslock start... but we know
that /etc/rc.d doesn't exist on Debian systems :D), 

Of course not it belongs in /etc/init.d like the LSB says ;)

I expect Mandrake has some legacy symbolic links from previous times
they haven't removed yet.

but I can't find
any packages on packages.debian.org that relate to "nfslock".

"apt-cache search nfs lock" would suggest amongst others nfs-common. The
spiel for nfs-common says it contains the lock daemon.

Anyone got any ideas how to do nfslocking so that I can mount NFS
shares?  I'm so close that it's frustrating!
Link: http://www.thursby.com/support/faq.lasso?id=196

Kernels 2.4 and later don't need a specific lockd daemon they start a
kernel thread - or so the nfs-common start-up script claims on Debian
Sarge (/etc/init.d/nfs-common).

If you have a bespoke kernel this might be a problem, otherwise I
suspect your problem is something else.

"rpcinfo -p IPAddres_of_server"

To see what RPC services are registered. I think nlockmgr is what you
need to see, if that is there it is not this problem I suspect.

The Debian box is probably working fine, it is pretty easy to set up NFS
on GNU/Linux. Try using "showmount" to check the exports are correct.
Also use the rpcinfo command to see if there are firewall issues or similar.


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