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Re: [LUG] Which ADSL modem?


Quoting Jason Smith <devnath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Having just gotten broadband I want to access the web using Linux  
(Mandrake 9.2) can anyone recommend a good ADSL modem?

I'm not sure if you've had any other replies on this, but from personal 
experience, I'd suggest getting an ADSL Router.  You can pick them up fairly 
cheaply from somewhere like www.eBuyer.com

If you're not an expert on setting the things up you'd probably be worth going 
for something like a Belkin/D-Link or Netgear ADSL router as these seem to be 
well supported (although I have been known to wait up to an hour for support on 
D-Link products in the past, but saying that, it could be a one off!).

All you'd need then is a network card in your machine if you haven't already 
got one.  I think most popular cheap cards would be compatible, for instance 
the cards based on the Realtek 8139 chipset.


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