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[LUG] How to make NFS shares RW?


Hi all,

Slight problem here revolving around NFS.  I have almost setup my Mac to dual-boot 
MacOS (currently 8.6, but hoping to go up to 9.1 soon) and Debian.  I am hoping to 
use BootX to do the deeds of OS selecting since YaBoot won't work on this variety of 
Mac (too old), and QUIK has been a right-royal pain previously (apparently this 
particular Mac has a very dodgy OpenFirmware (a bit like a BIOS).  However, in order 
to use BootX I need a kernel stored on the Mac's filesysten.

Now, I have downloaded the "linux.bin" file for the Debian installer, which has 
allowed me to boot the system using BootX after the base-system was installed.  My 
problem is what to do after I update from Stable?  What I was planning on doing was 
booting the system with the old kernel, updating the system, mounting an NFS share 
and copying the new kernel over the network, rebooting back to MacOS and then 
copying the file over NFS (or, more likely, I'll burn it to CD so I can use it on 
the Mac... still having problems with NFS under MacOS) to the Mac so I can place in 
in the appropriate place for BootX to see it, and then all will be hunky dory.

However... even though I have:
home/gsewell/files/  (rw)
in my /etc/exports file, I still can't get RW access from *any* machine.  This makes 
it quite hard to copy a file off the Mac(Debian) onto the x86 machine.

I know it's bound to be something *really* simple that I've just completely missed 
(I tend to set up the NFS exports with Webmin because I'm lazy).

Any thoughts?

Artificial intelligence is no match for nuratal stidutipy.

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