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[LUG] Creating a GNU/Linux environment from scratch


I'd like to create a GNU/Linux environment from scratch, in effect
creating my own personal distribution, for lots of interesting reasons,
but mainly to see what's involved and to further my understanding of how
everything works. I suppose I'm a purist (masochist?!) at heart.

I imagine the process would generally be:

1) Boot from Live CD to partition the hard drive
2) Download the kernel source & compile it
3) Add in any necessary device drivers
4) Download goodness-knows-how-many basic GNU tools like "ls", "cat",
"more" etc.
5) Install an X server, plus X clients (Gnome, KDE etc)
6) Install all my apps (web broswer, offce software etc.)

I have a spare computer for this, so I can take my time.

Question is, has anyone ever tried doing this, and if so, any tips? And,
is this any different to how distros like Gentoo are actually installed?
Anyone seen any books/articles on the subject?


Jeremy Pearson
ICT Technician
Five Islands School, St Marys, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JY
Tel: 01720 422929 Fax: 01720 422969 Web: fisonline.org.uk

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