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Re: [LUG] Scam callers


On Mon, 18 Apr 2022 09:31:14 +0100
Tom via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Tom,

>I notice the calls are generally during business hours - these people 
>are trying to scam those most likely to fall for it - pensioners.

Yeah, that would be me - I'm 61 and home pretty much all the time.
There are several reasons I wouldn't fall for those scams;
I grew up using computers - ZX81 onward.
I use Linux - they nearly always target Windows.
I'm not gullible - My wife is(1)

>Though I never answer the phone between 18:20 and 18:40 as this is

Nor do I.  Dinner preparations, or dinner being eaten at around that

(1)  I told her there was no such word as gullible in the dictionary.
We argued, until she finally dragged the dictionary off the shelf to
prove me wrong.  Of course I was.  When I asked her what gullible means. 
Well.....   :-)

 Regards  _
         / )      "The blindingly obvious is never immediately apparent"
        / _)rad   "Is it only me that has a working delete key?"
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