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Re: [LUG] Scam callers


On 17/04/2022 09:36, Paul Sutton via list wrote:

On 17/04/2022 08:00, Barnaby wrote:
Recently both my wife and I have received scam phone calls. No surprise there and no, we did not fall for it. The main reason for knowing that they were scams is that the caller, of course, assumed that we use Microsoft Windows. We don't.

It had never occurred to me before, but one good reason you can give someone for moving over to Linux is better protection from scammers. Many of the programs that they try to get you to download just won't work. They won't even install. And you have a chance for a bit of fun with the caller.

Just a thought


Yes you can have some fun with them,  One tried to get me to use which ever key combo in windows it is to bring up a terminal or run program box I think, of course it doesn't work in GNU / Linux.

Eventually after saying this does not work 10 times (they were getting frustrated at this point), I asked what OS do you think I am running,  I heard them say something about finding their supervisor,  I hung up.  It wasted their time for a good 10 mins. This just annoys them no end.

We should be careful, if you fall for it, you go on a suckers list as an easy target, how long will it be before we (as Linux users) are on a non windows list and they adjust their tactic accordingly.

There is a BBC program on in the mornings where they monitor these scam calls,  one call centre seems to be in Calcutta.

All we can do in the meantime is raise awareness,  tell people their bank won't ever call them in that way and to simply hang up and call or drop in to their nearest branch to tell them, and report what happened and also report to action fraud.


Wrong reference in "Action fraud"

You can only report an *actual incidence of fraud* (you have lost money!) to Action Fraud, as it is post-becoming-a-victim police report site.

Scam calls (no loss  etc) are reported to ICO
Link https://ico .org .uk/make-a-complaint /nuisance-calls-and-messages/spam-texts-and-nuisance-calls/
then select appropriate complain type.

Report mobile phone spam to SPAM = 7726 on mobile phone by forwarded incoming spam to 7726.

Do not state you use Linux. (Just say I do not use MS Windows if you want to engage them.) That puts your number on a list they can sell to others involved in trying stuff against Linux systems. It gives the information that at that telephone number Linux computers are in use. That is a valuable piece of information.

Eion MacDonald

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