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Re: [LUG] Lost setup


On 22/06/2020 08:27, Neil wrote:
We are definitely at the point - and have been for some time now - that clinging to the old MSDOS disk layout + BIOS to initialise your computer in 2020 unless you have very specific technical reasons is not a good choice. GPT disks + UEFI were invented for a reason, and any system built in the last 10 years or so defaults to it for a reason as well.

 I bought that laptop exactly six years ago, June 2014. If I buy a new one today that will be using UEFI properly? Or I should do some research on this.

Thanks for the info,

After some research I have worked out what legacy mode is, and how to check it out.

So, I find that my laptop is running legacy mode, so not EFI.

My desktop computer *is* running EFI. But then it is much newer, less than a year since I bought it.

Live and learn,


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