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Re: [LUG] Lost setup


On Friday, 19 June 2020 17:57:39 BST Neil wrote:
> Reboot and select proper boot device.
> I am completely lost. Has is suddenly lost the SSD? I did try booting
> with a USB containing an .iso file. That worked, and, when I searched,
> all my files are there, system and my Home folder.
> Can anyone come up with any ideas or suggestions?

The error is a bios error, so it sounds like either the SSD no longer has a 
workable boot sector, or more likely the BIOS (UEFI)  is no longer looking for 
it when the device boots.

My guess would be you hold F2 or DEL down on boot, check what devices it is 
looking to boot from (and what it thinks the date/time is.

Whilst there check what the firmware is, version, date, and hardware, and take 
some screenshots of the current settings of what devices it is booting from if 
it isn't immediately obvious what is wrong.

In the old days this would be because the BIOS battery had lost all charge and 
lost all its settings, but these days they don't use batteries for that 
(thankfully), but they can still lose their settings occasionally. Most have a 
factory default restore option (but I would photograph all the current 
settings on a mobile phone before doing anything drastic like that unless you 
know what you are doing, always have a method to get back to what it was 
before you fiddled, you will be happier with yourself in the long run).

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