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Re: [LUG] Lost setup


On 20/06/2020 12:32, Neil wrote:

I decided to take the laptop to our local computer shop. The owner immediately went to the BIOS and saw that legacy mode was off. He turned it back on and all is well.

I have no idea why this happened. I certainly never touch the BIOS except when I buy a new computer, just to check that secure boot is off. Otherwise I keep well away.

Still, all is well, so I am happy,

I'd imagine it was probably fwupd pulling a new firmware upgrade for your laptop - which usually resets certain values to defaults. In your case it turns out that (as predicted) your diagnosis was wrong and your system _does_ boot in ye olde BIOS mode, not EFI. So when it reset and turned off Legacy Mode the UEFI firmware couldn't "see" the bootable components on disk and threw the dreaded "no bootable operating system found".

That being said I think you use MX Linux... which doesn't look like it includes fwupd at all, let alone ships and enables it by default.

Sometimes system firmware does just reset itself, simple as that.

We are definitely at the point - and have been for some time now - that clinging to the old MSDOS disk layout + BIOS to initialise your computer in 2020 unless you have very specific technical reasons is not a good choice. GPT disks + UEFI were invented for a reason, and any system built in the last 10 years or so defaults to it for a reason as well.

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