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Re: [LUG] New computer not seeing the keyboard


On 28/06/19 16:17, mr meowski wrote:

You didn't mention which computer that lsusb output was from and whether
the fancy keyboard was plugged into it or not...  If you want to get to
the bottom of it though do lsusb on the laptop where the keyboard does
work and tail dmesg as you plug/unplug it. Figure out what it registers
as and what lsusb says it is. Then do 'sudo lsusb -v | less' for a lot
more detailed information about the keyboard.

That lsusb output was from the new computer with the old keyboard. I will do these tests later today.

Then switch the keyboard to the PC and repeat - find out what is
different. dmesg will probably tell you what's wrong the moment you plug
it into the PC though I would have thought.

The keyboard doesn't need batteries does it?

No batteries. it just plugs into a USB port. As I said I will check it out as per suggestions later today.


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