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Re: [LUG] New computer not seeing the keyboard


On 28/06/2019 15:36, Neil wrote:

> Don't be like that. It is a Filco keyboard, but I cannot remember which 
> one. I bought it three years ago from the keyboard company near Stroud 
> in Gloucestershire. I will never spend that much on a keyboard again, 
> although I have been very pleased with it. It just seems silly to attach 
>   such an expensive item to my laptop, instead of my new desktop.
> Since you mention lsusb here is the output.

Don't worry I won't shame you over your choice of keyboard :]

We've all made some questionable computer accessory choices over the 
years I imagine. Last week I bought a client an entire computer which 
was only slightly more than your fancy keyboard!

You didn't mention which computer that lsusb output was from and whether 
the fancy keyboard was plugged into it or not...  If you want to get to 
the bottom of it though do lsusb on the laptop where the keyboard does 
work and tail dmesg as you plug/unplug it. Figure out what it registers 
as and what lsusb says it is. Then do 'sudo lsusb -v | less' for a lot 
more detailed information about the keyboard.

Then switch the keyboard to the PC and repeat - find out what is 
different. dmesg will probably tell you what's wrong the moment you plug 
it into the PC though I would have thought.

Another quick+dirty option is to boot the PC off a linux distro of 
pretty much any flavour except whatever you're currently using - Ubuntu 
or Fedora, anything with an easy GUI and a live session option. Check 
the keyboard works immediately and look at lsusb and dmesg again.

You should really be able to narrow it down to whether it's one of the 
PCs, a faulty USB cable/port or a dodgy driver issue in about 10 mins: 
just work logically and you'll find it in to time.

The keyboard doesn't need batteries does it?

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