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Re: [LUG] Text Editor


On 18/06/19 16:17, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Tue, 18 Jun 2019 15:25:49 +0100
Neil Stone <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Neil,

You could just install KDE on MX Linux... then use kate.

Installing KDE just to use Kate is overkill.  Installing Kate will pull
in the necessary dependencies.  Admittedly, that may be quite a large
list.  A lot depends on what, if any, software that uses the Qt engine is
already installed.


Choice of DE is more or less moot these days.  Software largely uses
either GTK (Gnome's engine) or Qt (KDE engine) for the grunt work.  Each
plays nicely with the other, IME.

Personally, I prefer KDE (actually the DE is called Plasma now) over
Gnome but I still use GTK apps (e.g. Gramps and Claws Mail) because
there's no equivalent in KDE (Gramps) or the KDE offering sucks (take
your pick).

Given the cost of hard disk space, and the amount of RAM available to
use these days, it's not difficult having GTK & Qt apps running at the
same time.

I have looked at kate, as I said, but that does indeed pull in lots of extra files. I have just checked again, 98 packages. Not going there.

Will look again at nano,


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