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Re: [LUG] Computers - leave on or turn off


On 21/03/17 15:11, Richard Brown via list wrote:
Hi Guys

I help manage a network of 6 computers, all running Win 7. The boss has asked me to say whether I think it is better to leave the computer on at night or turn off. He is trying to weigh up the eco costs with bringing electric as compared to the costs on the computer and turning ti off/on etc.

Any thoughts please?
Kind Regards

Richard Brown

I think its reasonably fair to say, the high-stress periods on most of the components are at switch-on and power-off, particularly if there are intensive periods of activity for updates, etc. What the long-term effects of these are, I couldn't put a finger on, and I suspect there are others on the list with more direct experience of this. However, if your computers are getting a hammering on normal use (which most web/programming/email/office duties really are quite light) this would probably make no difference to the repeated power-cycling.

Most modern power supplies, and processors are much more power-efficient than their predecessors, so you might not see such a big change in energy consumption as you might think (again, depending on your workstation usage).

So basically, quite a few variables, and the usual 'your mileage may vary' ... but a good question/discussion nonetheless ! :]


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