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Re: [LUG] family hack jam - Barnstaple Apr 20


On 21/03/17 11:59, M. J. Everitt wrote:
> On 21/03/17 11:27, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> On 21/03/17 11:09, M. J. Everitt via list wrote:
>>> On 21/03/17 09:53, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> Just found this on the Computing at school website
>>>> http://community.computingatschool.org.uk/events/5027
>>>> I know there are some members in North Devonso this could be something
>>>> to go along to,   maybe make a few contacts and spread the word about
>>>> the Devon and Cornwall Linux user group too
>>>> They have so far sold (well for free) 50 tickets so this potentially
>>>> shows there could be a scope for a regular Tech jam type event in
>>>> Barnstaple,
>>>> hope this helps
>>>> Paul
>>> Well spotted Paul, will add that to next month's diary and make contact!
>>> A bit of networking can't do any harm can it?! :]
>>> Have sent a message to organisers, but seems all tickets are taken, save
>>> perhaps teachers... ! 50 people is quite a lot - the 'guest list' looks
>>> interesting too... !!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Michael.
>> Indeed,   I will see if I can add this to the related events page.  
>> There are lots of events listed on the Computing st school forum, so I
>> would really encourage teachers to look in to signing up to this.
>> Paul
> Good plan - letting people know there are organisations out there as
> either providers or supporters (eg. whatever this eva foundation is, or
> indeed 2times.do) who can take some of the load off, should be a major
> plus factor for them! And then the Jams can provide ongoing support and
> facilities to keep the activity going!
This is what i would like as the overall outcome, a wider community, try
and get as many people together with these technical skills and
expertise,  it means if someone  for example wants a website or specific
features, that community can help provide expertise for them.

It does seem there is a skills shortage,  quite which skills are short
is difficult to determine,  i think these  skills  are out there,   just
maybe not always on paper,    just people with experience and a drive /
passion for something.


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