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Re: [LUG] OT: Email addresses and web contact forms


On 01/03/17 15:22, Richard Brown via list wrote:
Does anybody know anything about web contact forms please? The issue is spam and spf records. If I have a web contact form and my email is rich@xxxxxxxxxx. If I send the contact from results to that email address should I then use a dummy email address as the from email for the smtp purposes. Not sure that I am explaining this very well. But if anybody understands the question and can ask it better that would be really helpful. The reason I am asking it is that at work loads of our emails are being called spam now.
In principle you should use "noreply@xxxxxxxxxx" or "website@xxxxxxxxxx" or similar - yes a dummy email address.

The rest of it is more complicated:

Is SPF set up for sending? Who hosts the mailboxes? Is SPF being checked on inbound? If so, what happens to failures? What mail routing & storage software are you using?

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