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Re: [LUG] OT: Email addresses and web contact forms


On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 03:22:46PM +0000, Richard Brown via list wrote:
> Does anybody know anything about web contact forms please? The issue is spam
> and spf records. If I have a web contact form and my email is rich@xxxxxxxxxxx
> If I send the contact from results to that email address should I then use a
> dummy email address as the from email for the smtp purposes. Not sure that I am
> explaining this very well. But if anybody understands the question and can ask
> it better that would be really helpful. The reason I am asking it is that at
> work loads of our emails are being called spam now.

I think I understand your question. What you're saying is: you have
a website with a contact form, which generates an email to your
rich@xxxxxxxxxx address. A lot of these emails are marked as spam and
you suspect SPF may be the issue. How to change that?

What dummy address are you using? One that is at all related to the

If not, if you enter an email address with the same domain as the
website (e.g. noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) and the IP address that the web
server is running on in this form
does it tell you 'pass' at the very bottom?

If yes, just use that address instead of the dummy one.

If not, or if you were already using such an address, what does it
say? Are you able to modify the SPF record for the website's domain?


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