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Re: [LUG] Cheap tablet


On 27/02/17 09:54, Eileen wrote:
I have bought 5 tablets all from China without any problems over the
last 4 years. 2 of them for a friend who uses them for email and
browsing on the sofa between TV and has been very happy with them. The
last was about Â120. I also bought one for my wife for the purpose of
playing Candy Crush which cost Â50 and was worth every penny to keep her
away from more useful gear. I haven't had any problem with getting rid
of vendor bits and pieces.

My latest latest tablet is a Cube 9x U65GT which cost about Â175. It has
a 4:3 screen which is very hard to find. I think it is an Apple screen
which I think is the only good thing about Apple. Why every other screen
on the market is 16:9 I do not know as I find it the most useless screen
ratio, especially at smaller sizes.

I mainly bought this tablet to read magazines as I don't like using a
desktop or laptop for this; I like to lounge. I also bought a bluetooth
keyboard which works well but which I hardly use. Reading an A4 magazine
or a newspaper on a 16:9 format is a waste of time.

At the moment I am between houses and on the move which is a situation a
bit like going on holiday. I expected to use the tablet quite a bit but
I don't. I use a 5" android phone for email and instant browsing and a
laptop running Mint for proper browsing, banking etc. I don't trust
android security really. The phone by the way is another China purchase,
an Elephone P8000, which I'm more than happy with. I would like to try
Modding it but I rely on it too much to risk bricking it at present.


Interesting. I always keep away from anything from China, I worry about the quality and how easy, or not, it would be to get anything sorted out if it failed at all. Food for thought,


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