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Re: [LUG] List Changes


On 17/02/17 13:53, Eion MacDonald via list wrote:
> On 17/02/2017 11:58, Paul Sutton via list wrote:
>> no one is using yahoo 
> Unfortunately anyone on BT as an ISP 'piggy backs' on Yahoo! email as in
> its wisdom (?) BT subcontracted its BT set of emails issued with ISP to
> Yahoo!
> e.g. my eionmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is a "Yahoo!" email.
> This effects many businesses and residential  users of BT.
> regards
> Eion MacDonald
So in the true spirit of customer service BT customers can expect an
e-mail advising of this breach.  I get the impression verizon are going
to buy Yahoo.


Lets see what happens.

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