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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


On 13/02/17 21:10, mr meowski via list wrote:
> Not casting aspersions on either Paul or the young lad in his post
> having difficulties (quite the contrary, at least he's having a go) but
> for goodness' sake, IT stuff doesn't get much easier than setting up a
> new VBox OS instance for testing out a new OS safely on non-prehistoric
> hardware! I hereby foolishly volunteer myself to field any questions
> about this whatsoever so if anyone is having issues with VBox just go
> ahead and ask. I don't particularly mean to evangelise VBox and Oracle
> certainly aren't paying me to but virtualization is now such a critical
> part of any IT bods toolset it slightly boggles my mind that there's
> anyone left who isn't routinely using it day in, day out. There aren't
> really a lot of problems that it's not applicable to anymore, including
> hand-holding OS switchers through the murky waters of changing
> environments.
> Seriously, I may regret this, but if anyone has virtualization questions
> including "why the hell should I care about this", ask away.
> Cheers
What's your experience of Docker like - I'm using KVM in a couple of
places without issue, friends using Xen, but for my Gentoo tasks, I was
thinking of knocking up a couple of Containers with a stage3 for testing ...


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