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Re: [LUG] pcdos boot to linux


On 12/02/2017 17:32, Joseph Bennie via list wrote:
> oh and pre 2006 boards may not support at all. ... usb cd will work or pull hd 
> install else where and switch back 
Old computers , like my DellD610 will not boot from USB, but will boot
from a CD or DVD OR and external floppy disc.
You can write CD with Linux image to simulate a floppy disc. See how
Knoppix does it , when old machines will not boot from CD, thus CD
simulates a floppy disc and then passes to live CD mode.
Only use in anger was a long time ago to get into a server at work that
would only boot from floppy disc. (I have forgotten details).

Eion MacDonald

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